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Friday, January 31, 2020

Super #SJW Man: Fun Story and Funny Satire Book

Image of book cover for Super #SJW Man: A Call-Out Culture Superhero (Satire)
Super #SJW Man (Satire)
I am pleased to announce the release of my new book, Super #SJW Man: a Call-Out Culture Superhero (Satire)!

This book was inspired by the real-life saga of super-woke pundit Ezra Klein getting down and dirty and intellectually dishonest in his hit pieces on Sam Harris. [To read more about Klein's demagoguery towards Sam Harris, click here.]

Meet Super #SJW Man!

This book is a funny satire that tells the story of a preppy hipster, named Marshall B. Rich, III, who becomes the most politically correct superhero of all time.

One day, while listening to an Ezra Klein podcast and reading a Huffington Post article, Marshall goes completely insane.

He designs a fashionably ironic superhero outfit and begins calling himself "Super #SJW Man." He decides to partner with his friend, Baron, whom he nicknames "Captain Wokeness." Together, they become "Team Woke," and the they set out to change the world.

Armed with a Twitter account and self-righteous moral certitude, the two superheroes wage an all-out online war against such un-woke public figures as Sam Harris, Dave Chappelle, and Ben Shapiro.

Their attempts to grow their movement into a viable political force lead to a series of misadventures, each one more absurd and embarrassing than the last, as they blunder through a series of patronizing attempts to recruit poor and minority members. Eventually, the two superheroes are joined by Myrna, a transvestite hooker and drug addict. The trio attempt a bold demonstration at the mall to protest separate clothing sections for men and women. Unfortunately, this demonstration leads to disaster, and Super #SJW Man's comrades turn on him, causing him to have a complete nervous breakdown.

So move over Superman! Make way for Super SJW Man, a call out culture superhero, who fights insensitivity and microagressions!

Read a Sample of Super #SJW Man Below

Click the Amazon widget below to read a sample of Super #SJW Man: A Call-Out Culture Superhero.
Super #SJW Man combines fun storytelling, sharp satire, and lighthearted humor. This book skewers both the hypocrisy and corruption of the political establishment, on the one hand, and the absurdly self-righteous call-out culture of the super-woke, on the other. You won't want to miss it!

Super #SJW Man: A Call-Out Culture Superhero is available on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. An audio-book version is in the works. 

A Reading of the First Chapter of Super #SJW Man: A Call-Out Culture Superhero (Satire)

Click the embedded video above to listen to the audio of the first chapter of the book, Super #SJW Man: A Call-Out Culture Superhero (Satire).

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