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Saturday, December 26, 2020

WTF Happened in 2020?!!

WTF happened in 2020?!!! In this episode of The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast, Daniel D examines this question -- as well as the question of WTF happened to him and his podcasting during the last few months! But never fear, loyal listeners, Daniel D is back and better than ever.

Transcript of The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast Episode: "WTF Happened in 2020?!!!"

Alright, it’s The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast, on Saturday, December 26, 2020, and I’m your host, Daniel D, welcoming you to another groundbreaking moment in the history of podcasting!

Just kidding. Don’t expect me to break any new ground in this episode. Ain’t gonna happen.

In fact, you probably want to go ahead and lower your expectations – A LOT! Whatever your expectations are for how a good podcast should sound, just, get rid of those expectations.

This episode is entitled “WTF Happened in 2020?!!!”

This episode kind of serves as a segue between the past seasons and iterations of my podcasts and future episodes, since there has been a break from regular weekly episodes while I’ve been kind of retooling things on a personal level and as a podcaster. In this episode, I kind of check back in after my unscheduled and unannounced sabbatical that I have taken during the last few months of 2020.

Alright, and with that little bit of housekeeping out of the way, let’s dive right into the question of . . . WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED IN 2020?!!!

I’ll start with myself. What the fuck happened to me this year? I haven’t done a new episode of either of my podcasts in weeks. So let me give you a made-up excuse as to why I have not been more productive.

Well, you know how people will say, “So and so dropped off the face of the earth?”

I always thought that was just a figure of speech. But that’s kind of what happened to me. I kind of dropped off the face of the earth.

I didn’t think it was possible, but I managed to do it. So there I was, on a skateboard, going down a really steep hill; I was going one way, the earth was rotating the other way; I got going really fast down that hill; the combined speed of the earth’s rotation and my skateboarding kind of exceeded the escape velocity for the planet Earth; I hit a rock; and I kind of fell off the face of the earth and went hurtling into outer space.

I didn’t think it could happen either, but hey! Learn something new every day!

And that, my friends and fellow humans, is why I haven’t done a new episode of my podcasts in a long time. It’s kind of hard to do any podcasting from outer space. First of all, the internet really sucks up there. There aren’t too many cell towers, so it’s really hard to get a signal. Also, there’s a slight problem with not being able to breathe, due to the lack of oxygen, so, long story short, I haven’t been able to do any new podcast episodes.

Yep, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it – unless you don’t believe me, in which case I can give you a different story as to what REALLY happened. Or if you do believe me, boy oh boy, have I got a bridge to sell you! In the heart of New York City, the historic Brooklyn Bridge, own a piece of this iconic landmark for just ten easy payments of $19.95, payable by cash or money order made out to Daniel D’s podcasting adventures!

If you want to buy a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge, just check out the show notes for how to contact me.

Anyway, with that explanation out of the way, I just want to say, I have NO IDEA what the fuck happened in 2020. I don’t know if anyone does. At some point, I realized that I probably needed to stop commenting on current events if I didn’t know what in the fuck is happening in the world at large and that I would probably just be adding to the confusion if I kept spouting off my views about things. So I took some time off. Kind of did some soul-searching – made a “searching and fearless moral inventory,” if you will – and kind of followed good ol’ Timothy Leary’s advice: I turned on, tuned in, and dropped out. Or maybe I changed what I was tuning in and watching/listening to/reading. Like, if Life was a radio, I tuned OUT the noise from the religious wackos on Fox News and MSNBC and their gospel of perpetual outrage – whether it’s the personality cult of Trump on the Right, or the cult of wokeness on the Left, both sides, Left and Right, are basically acting just like the worst and most intolerant and close-minded religious zealots this year – and I got the hell off of social media, where I really missed all the deep and meaningful and nuanced conversations happening in 144 characters or less on Twitter – NOT! – and I tuned into Zen, Daoism, recovery literature, Stoicism, Positive Psychology, and all that, and kind of compiled my own religious philosophy of 12-step Zen Stoicism. Something like that.

Anyway, I’ve decided to stop doing the What’s Wrong With America? Podcast, because – confession! – I really don’t have any fucking answers! I don’t know what the fuck is going on in the world right now. I’m doing well enough just trying to figure out what’s wrong with me and fix THAT, I got nothing productive to say at this time about what’s wrong with society – partly because there is NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY to even list all the things that are wrong, let alone talk about WHY they’re wrong or how to fix them. But hey, I have decided I am going to be more positive in 2021, and talking about what is WRONG with America and with the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE is too draining, too much negative energy. So I am going to pretend everything is okay, and I will stop doing the What’s Wrong With America? podcast – although I will release this episode in the feed for that podcast, just to say, basically, don’t expect any new episodes of the What’s Wrong With America? podcast, but . . . please DO listen and subscribe to The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast!

Why? Because I AM going to be doing a new and improved version of The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast, and YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!!! (“Yeah, Daniel D, like we haven’t heard that one before…”) No, seriously, it will be NEW and IMPROVED, like all the over-the-counter medicines on the shelves of your local pharmacy!

Now, I will be emphasizing quality over quantity on this podcast – imagine that! Quality over quantity in 21st-century America! – so I’ll be releasing new episodes whenever I have something worth saying. I will not have a set release schedule. If I have a burst of creative energy and can put together something good and funny together – even if you have to smoke weed first for it to be funny or make sense – then I will release something. And if I look at what I’ve come up with and think, you know, maybe the world doesn’t need more of this today, then I won’t release anything.

I’ve got another project or two that I’m working on as well. Like I’m writing a book about my experience with having ADD, but it’s real hard for me to CONCENTRATE on it. [Sound of rim shot.] But seriously, folks. I’m also working on a rap album with Pastor Joel Osteen with the working title – Homies with the Highest – just kidding . . . it’s actually going to be called “Bitches ‘N Cream.” Yep, move over Sergeant Pepper’s, move over Led Zeppelin IV and Dark Side of the Moon, rap albums like “Bitches ‘N Cream” is like, revolutionizing popular music.

On the subject of rap, did you know that a group of country singers and a group of rap stars have gotten together to create a new style of music, called “country rap,” which will be abbreviated as “C-Rap” or “CRAP” for short. Apparently, there is also talk with these country singers and rappers to add K-Pop boy bands to the mix, and calling this new musical genre “Complete CRAP!”

But seriously folks, from time to time, I will release something funny and amusing on this podcast feed. Please be sure to subscribe to The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast, so that you don’t miss any of this fantastic new content when it is released on my sporadic and unpredictable schedule.   

And with that, I wish you all a happy belated Christmas, a happy Kwanzaa, happy Hannukka, happy Saturnalia, if you’re an ancient Roman, a happy Festivus if you like Seinfeld and don’t like all this Santa-Clause-shit, and a very happy new year, unless of course, you are Chinese, in which case I wish you a very happy continuation of the old year. The year of the Panda or whatever the fuck animal it is now. It’s Saturday, December 26, 2020, and this is Daniel D saying on behalf of all of us at the Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast – and by “all of us,” I mean, of course, just me – God bless us, every one! Peace out, bitches!!! 

With an emphasis on QUALITY over QUANTITY (how un-American!), the release schedule may be less regular (like my bowel movements, fool!), so be sure to subscribe to the podcast, so you don't miss new episodes when they drop (like my bowel movements into the toilet, fool). And visit for even more craziness!

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