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Monday, May 31, 2021

AOC Merch for Palestinian Benefit: #AOC Sex Tape with Ilhan Omar and Mia Khalifa

Coming soon: hot #AOC Merch to raise money for Palestinian refugees! Daniel D has volunteered to film, carefully edit, and produce a sizzling sex tape starring the hottest Congresswoman in these 50 states: AOC, alongside her sexy sidekick Ilhan Omar and the ultimate pro-Palestine porn star, Mia Khalifa! "Pu$$ies for Palestine" is the working title. Contact AOC's office and tell her to put her big titties to work for the suffering children of Palestine! Also, happy Memorial Day!

Check out Daniel D's book on Cancel Culture at (Amazon affiliate link: if you buy something from Amazon after clicking on this link, that rich fool Jeff Bezos will give me a commission at no additional cost to you!) 

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