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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Be an Anti-Sexist!

Are you ready to be an anti-sexist? Daniel D has decided to follow the lead of the anti-racist movement of Ibram X-files Kendi by creating the anti-sexist movement and calling for present discrimination against men to remedy past discrimination against women! And here are two programs that we've found that will help men and women to switch places in the oppressor/victim dynamic:

  1. Phone Sex Operator Training! This is a great field that rewards women at the expense of men! If you are a woman who wants to make lots of money off men, check out how by clicking this affiliate link:
  2. Taking away men's power will mean they will have to resort to the mind-games and manipulation that has long been a specialty of women, and here's a program, called "The Scrambler," which will teach men how to do it! Learn more by clicking this affiliate link:  

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