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Monday, April 25, 2022

Here's Proof the Letter N Is RACIST!

Proof that the Letter "N" Is RACIST! Thumbnail image for political satire video
Proof that the Letter "N" Is RACIST!

Watch the video below for PROOF that the Letter N Is RACIST!

Here's all the proof you need that the letter N is extremely racist and deserves to be canceled: the "N-word." No other letter has a single word associated with it that is a racial slur. Think of all the English words that start with "N." Why does the one word that is an offensive racial slur and a BLASPHEMY against the holy creed of antiracism, why does THAT word get to be THE one and only "N-word." Why not "nice" or "nifty" or "neat-o?" Because the letter "N" is racist, that's why.

We need to cancel the letter "N." And because the lowercase versions of the letters "M" and "H" and "U" bear some family resemblance to the lowercase version of the letter "N," all of those other letters need to be canceled as well. And if you disagree, it logically follows that you are a RACIST. So agree with me, under penalty of cancelation, and stop using these offensive letters!

For more propaganda from Daniel D, who is a part-time comedian and a full-time antiracist, visit his LinkTree at or check out more of the weirdly humorous content here at!

Here's Proof the Letter N Is RACIST!

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