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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Cancel Culture vs Joe Rogan

Cancel Culture vs Joe Rogan Video Thumbnail
Cancel Culture vs Joe Rogan

The current controversy trending online is "Cancel Culture vs Joe Rogan." The woke mob is coming after the world's most popular podcaster to get him kicked off of Spotify for his sins. Joe Rogan has apologized, but apologies are never enough. When the cancel culture sharks smell blood in the water, they go into a frenzy. 

Will Spotify keep The Joe Rogan Experience, or will they cave to the woke mob and remove Rogan's podcast from their platform? 

Here's a bigger question: who is really behind this censorship movement? And what is their agenda? Daniel D gives a humorous and frank analysis of what's happening right now in America and the world at large. There is a war by a corrupt ruling class against regular people, to keep us proles subservient and take away what's left of our freedom. The phony performative outrage against Joe Rogan for spreading "misinformation" or being "racist" is just a smokescreen for what the globalist regime is really doing.

Watch the Cancel Culture vs Joe Rogan Video Below (via Rumble)

Here is a link to the "Cancel Culture vs Joe Rogan" video on Rumble: 

Also, check out Daniel D's channel on Rumble at

If you would rather watch the video on YouTube, it is embedded from that platform below:
So what do you think? Is there an organized smear campaign against Joe Rogan for questioning the regime's approved narrative? If you agree or disagree, please leave a comment and let me know your reasons! 

Here's another video on the subject of Joe Rogan and the calls for censoring him. This is by JP Sears and is embedded from Rumble:

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