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Thursday, February 3, 2022

What REALLY Happened in the Garden of Eden?

What REALLY Happened in the Garden of Eden?

What REALLY Happened in the Garden of Eden? Professional conspiracy theorist and amateur comedian Daniel D will teach you the SHOCKING truth!

If you will be in the Birmingham, Alabama area on Friday, February 18th, come check out ya boy at The Stardome Comedy Club. I will be leading a Bible study about what REALLY happened in the Garden of Eden. The working title of my Sunday School lesson is “A Talking Snake…or the Invention of the Feminist Matriarchy?”

In addition to the Bible study, after the show I will be holding auditions for a new porno I will be directing, loosely based on the life and likeness of @AOC – anyone with a chest size involving the letters “E” through “Z” are invited to attend these auditions. Note: this will be my second porno documenting the incredible life and activism of AOC; listen to this podcast episode to learn more:

If you do buy a ticket, send me a screenshot [DM or email to] and I will send YOU a free ebook – and I promise it won’t be a free Bible app; it will actually be a book that I wrote!

For anyone in the Gadsden, Alabama area, I will be performing there on Saturday, February 26th; here is a link to information about that show: [same offer for a free ebook applies!]

Hope to see you there! In the meantime, check out some of the weirdo shit that I’ve done at

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